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Leash Training Your Teacup Pig

Teacup pigs are a popular pet for many individuals these days. When they are born, they are about the size of a tea cup, literally! Also, a full grown animal may weigh up to 60 pounds and will stand about a foot tall. They are a rare breed, so the cost can fluctuate for each breeder.

Training Your Teacup Pig to Walk with a Harness and a Leash

Pigs are intelligent pets and can be trained to walk with a harness along with a leash. Due to strict leash laws that are enforced in most home developments, it’s a good idea to teach your pig to walk with you while on a leash. Also, you don’t want your friend running away from you when you’re taking him or her out for a stroll.

How to Determine Your Pig’s Readiness for a Harness

Before you begin working with your pig on a leash, you need to make sure that your pet is big enough to wear a harness. Also, your friend should be comfortable wearing the equipment. When your teacup pig is still small, he or she may not fit properly into a harness and if the device doesn’t fit correctly, your pig can be injured.

After you’ve determined that your pet does fit into a harness properly, you will need to evaluate the rapport that you have with your pet. Will your pig let you place a device with straps on his or hers body? Your pig will need to be comfortable with you strapping him into a harness.

Choosing a Harness and Leash for Your Pig

Your next step is to choose the proper equipment. You have several options to outfit your pig comfortably. Harnesses manufactured for pigs are created to walk this type of animal, but you’ll want to do research to locate the brand that will fit your friend the best. Measure your pig to make sure that the harness will fit him or her securely, but will not squeeze too tightly. When purchasing your leash, you will find a large selection to pick from. Consider the length of leash that will work best for your pig’s enjoyment. Remember that your friend will need enough room to walk comfortably by your side, but not so much extra line that he’ll get tangled up in it, or that the leash will become snagged on obstacles that you’ll encounter during your walk.

Harnessing Your Pet

You know the personality of your pig better than anyone, so just remember that all pets have their own unique character. Also, some pig’s will accept a harness fine while others will protest having one on. If your friend doesn’t like the harness initially, then give him or her some time to become accustomed to wearing it. You can leave your pig’s walking equipment lying around for a bit to let your pet smell the leash and the harness. He may even play with it.

As you know, pigs love to eat, so you may want to feed him something delicious every time you strap your pet into his harness. Don’t force your pig to wear his harness. If your friend protests wearing his new gear, then give him more time to adjust to it. Also, before taking your pet out for a walk; let him wear it at home until he or she is comfortable in the device. Review the fit and make sure your friend’s legs are able to move properly.

Walk Your Pig

Once you’ve worked with your pig and he or she has agreed to wear a harness, you are ready to take your pet for a walk. Stock up on your friend’s favorite treats and both of you will be ready for some well-deserved exercise. Reward your pig with a treat when he follows you willingly, but also tempt him with treats when he wanders away from you. After you’ve brought your pig back on track, you should give him another treat. Also, you shouldn’t ever jerk, yank or holler at your pet.

Teacup pigs are smart pets that are consistent companions and your well-trained friend will surely add to your life’s enjoyment.

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What A Dog Really Needs

What A Pet dog Really Demands

Devoted, pleasant, protective, affectionate, enjoyable. Those top qualities have actually gained dogs a special place in the lives and hearts of human beings. A lot of pet dogs currently are possessed as family pets primarily due to the fact that they are THE suitable pets. A dog will certainly constantly try to maintain you happy and also grinning. It will certainly never ever hold animosities versus you, and also will certainly never ever evaluate you for your looks or blunders. It isn’t really called guy’s buddy for absolutely nothing.

Canines have a fundamental requirement for shelter, good nourishment, workout and also companionship. A pet will count on its owner for all of these requirements, along with training and also protection. These are all fundamental requirements, yet truly, what a pet dog needs one of the most is vet treatment. If an individual has a pet dog for a family pet, it is a good idea to make certain that it is seen by a vet frequently. Dogs are susceptible to a broad selection of diseases as well as health conditions and it is finest that he obtains vaccinated versus these health conditions. Several of the most fatal illness that a pet dog must be carried out with an injection versus are here.

1. Canine Adenovirus – or Infectious Canine Liver disease (ICH). ICH is an exceptionally contagious illness that only dogs could possibly be transferred with as well as other canine-type animals. This health condition is sent in urine and eye or nasal secretions of animals with this disease as well as influences the liver, kidneys and lining of the blood vessels. Pet dogs of any ages are susceptible to acquire this condition, although puppies and also more youthful canines go to a higher danger.

2. Canine Distemper Infection (CDV) – It is transferred via contact with infected dogs as well as affects the intestinal, breathing and central nerves. This condition is frequently deadly to puppy dogs as well as adult canines.

3. Para Flu – Likewise called tracheobronchitis, it is a contagious infection of canines seriously impacting young pups’ upper respiratory. Its signs are gagging and also coughing. Dogs in stressful as well as crowded conditions go to the highest danger for this health condition.

4. Parvovirus – This is an exceptionally transmittable viral health condition that affects leukocyte, the intestinal tracts, as well as heart. It is defined by throwing up, extreme looseness of the bowels and also high temperature. It is often deadly in puppy dogs. At the highest risk for this illness are pet dogs in jampacked locations such as pet programs and also kennels.

5. Rabies – Rabies could influence all warm-blooded animals that are unvaccinated against the illness, including human beings. It impacts the brain and is always harmful. Family pets get subjected to rabies from the bites of wild animals which include bats, raccoons, foxes and skunks.

The bottom line is to keep a dog healthsome. Have it immunized. Besides, what a canine actually needs is … good health!

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Toy Dogs

Plaything Dogs

Hammerkop 5-3
Source: Flickr

No, you do not wind them up as well as they don’t take batteries

” Toy” dogs are becoming more prominent constantly. These little pets, the outcome of generations of discerning reproduction, are normally bred as friend animals and individuals simply appear to love them. Their small dimension and lively nature (a lot of toy breeds are good natured canines with a couple of exceptions) make them terrific companions as well as for numerous years they have been chic among well to do people.

A lot of the plaything dog breeds hail originally from Asia where the process of precisely breeding dogs to make them smaller sized is believed to have actually started, but there are plenty of toy types from other areas of the globe as well.

Bichon Frise:

A lap dog that was originally bred as a buddy dog, the Bichon Frise has an energetic personality, is quite tolerant of children, other pets and strangers, and is extremely intelligent as well as very trainable. These dogs have a short and also curly white coat that does need regular pet grooming.


The Chihuahua could be the most effective recognized of the toy pet dog breeds. They have a short or medium coat, are easy to bridegroom, as well as possess ordinary knowledge and trainability. They do not have the very best individualities and are not forgiving of children, other animals, or complete strangers. The Chihuahua comes from Mexico originally and is the littlest of the plaything pet dog types.


The Maltese is a friend canine that was originally reproduced for royalty or the really wealthy. They are natural birthed nuisances, yet are extremely faithful to their proprietors. They are never great with children, various other pets, or unfamiliar people. They’re taken into consideration to be pets of average intelligence as well as trainability. Their stunning coats need regular grooming.


The Pekingese was originally bred for the Emperors of China. These little canines have a lively individuality as well as are not extremely tolerant of kids or other pets. They do bark a lot as well as are usually hard to train. Cautious of strangers they could make an excellent guard dog as well as will certainly bark loudly when complete strangers approach their house.


The Pug originates from East Asia. Their short layer requires little grooming, yet the folds as well as creases of their faces must be cleansed usually. Pugs make fantastic household dogs because they are quite accommodating, do not bark a whole lot, and also excellent with youngsters and also other pets. They are extremely intelligent pets and really social.

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